Towards a sustainable future..

A community based organization working for a sustainable development of Ziro valley by empowering the communities to shape their own future.

Ziro is the eastern Himalayan town in the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh. The place is inhabited by the tribe called ‘The Apatani‘ and is surrounded by pine clad hills and rice fields. It has been a favorite site for the World Heritage Site for a while now. Hapoli also called as ‘Haopolyang’ is a part of the town which is the center for economic activities and where the administrative offices are located.

The place is a living example where nature and human harmoniously lives together. The Apatanis are known for their sustainable land use pattern, their expertise in natural resource management and their productive way of indigenous agriculture system. This beautiful valley is located 1500 meters above sea level and the climate is mild throughout the year, making it comfortable to travel all year around.


We promote responsible tourism

  • By involving local people in the tourism activities
  • By promoting clean environment

we conserve the environment

  • By organizing environmental events
  • By promoting healthy traditional practices

we empower communities

  • By building their capacities and involving them in the developmental process
  • By working with various groups and clubs

Ziro butterfly meet 2020

ziro butterfly meet 2020

On the ocassion of 66th National Wildlife Week, the seventh edition of Ziro Butterfly Meet will take place from  October 3rd to October 5th at Pange, Talle Wildlife Sanctuary. 

Date: October 3rd – October 5th

Venue: Pange, Talle Wldlife Sanctuary

Contact persons: Hibu Tatu – 6009467067, Punyo Chada – 9856209494, Ngilyang Tachang – 7630016425

Butterfly lovers!! Now you can showcase your own collection of beautiful butterflies of Ziro.

Our impact stories

Homestays at Ziro

One of the most successful projects of NgunuZiro has been the introduction of the concept of homestay in Ziro to encourage community participation in tourism related activities. 

Ziro Butterfly Meet

NgunuZiro has beeen organizing the Ziro butterfly meet since 2013. The first meet in 2013 brought Ziro to the butterfly map of the world.

Tanw Lemba Bicycle Expedition

NgunuZiro has been successfully organizing Tanw Lemba Bicycle Expediton since 2013. This is aimed to popularize the bicycles as an everyday mode of local transport.

Zero-Waste Garbage Management

The organization also successfully introduced the zero-waste concept for garbage management of Hapoli township.

Make a gift by donating some token of love for the community and nature. 


from our varieties of products

The products are made by the Self-Help Groups and Farmers’ Clubs working with us.