The sixth Ziro Butterfly Meet

September 4th- 8th, 2019
PANGE - Talle Wildlife Sanctuary

The sixth edition of the Ziro Butterfly Meet concluded on September 8th, 2019,  with a valedictory function in which the findings of the meet was shared by the participants. This year, there were more than 50 participants including 32 from outside the state.

Participants included butterfly experts and enthusiasts from the states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Gujarat, West Bengal, Sikkim and Assam besides Arunachal Pradesh. Representatives of partner organizations like the Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and Environment (ATREE), Butterfly Group of North East India, and Butterflies and Moths of Sikkim (BAMOS), also were part of the event.

During the meet, 105 species of butterfly were documented. The key species recorded included the Bhutan Glory, Brown Gorgon, White Dragontail and Manipur Jungle Queen. 

Three species – Scarce Blue Oakleaf, Hairy Angle and Slate Awl, were recorded for the first time at Ziro. Notable in this meet also was documentation of more than 100 species of moths, including the elusive Apatani Glory.

Various presentations on butterflies and moths were made by the resource persons like Sanjay Sondhi of Titli Trust, Dehradun and Mohanprasanth P of Act of Butterflies, Coimbatore with a view to encourage knowledge sharing among the participants. In addition, educational workshops were arranged for the students and local participants.

Earlier on 4th September, 2019, the meet was formally inaugurated by Sri Chukhu Takar, Deputy Commissioner, Ziro. He encouraged the participants to make the meet a knowledge sharing platform. 

The valedictory function was attended by Koj Rinya, Divisional Forest Officer, Tale Wildlife Sanctuary which was the main venue of the meet. She informed that the proposal of NgunuZiro to declare Kaiser-i-Hind as the state butterfly of Arunachal Pradesh last year is in the process of being approved.

During the inaugural session on 4th September, 2019, a book entitled “Butterflies of Ziro” was released by the Deputy Commissioner. The book contains images and basic information of about 186 different species of butterflies mainly documented during the ZBMs.

It may be mentioned that NgunuZiro has been organizing the ZIro Butterfly Meet since 2014. The documentation of Kaiser-i-Hind, believed to be extinct, created headlines and further encouraged the subsequent edition.

In 2018, the Ziro Butterfly Meet was held at Yazali, some 50 km from Ziro. The venue for the next year is tentatively fixed at Eagle Nest Sanctuary in West Kameng District.

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